What is this blog all about?

My name is Michael Huggins and I am currently a student at Stanford University. I have always thought about putting my thoughts down on the web, but I haven’t yet gotten the opportunity to do this. However, for my internship in Florence, Italy, I have to write a blog and talk about a man who is running for the position of mayor, Lapo Pistelli (who is a phenomenal guy that will transform Florence). So, I decided to officially start writing my own blog. So why did I choose the name The Nati Kid? The word “Nati” is short for Cincinnati, which is the city where I grew up for 18 years. Although I am not a kid (I am 20 years old), I decided to use the word “kid” to describe the young person’s vibe and feel that I want this blog to have. Keeping this in mind, the name of the blog is not set in stone. It can change. If you have any suggestions, I would be glad to hear them. But, this will be my working title for now. The combination of the two names encompasses everything that I am in a sense. I am very much connected to my roots in my home in Cincinnati, Ohio and I always want to think about life in a fresh and a new way.

This blog is for anyone of any opinion. Everything is appreciated here and I am glad to hear your ideas on any topic that I may bring up. Although initially I will be covering the mayoral primary for the Democratic Party in Florence and eventually the actual election, I will be mixing different topics throughout the week. When I talk about politics, this blog will always be bipartisan. There is absolutely no political lean whatsoever. However, feel free to express your opinion. Freedom of speech is very very important and we should never be afraid to utilize it.


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