Let’s talk about Chris Brown?

As many of you know, Chris Brown turned himself into the police over allegations that he may have been involved in a case of domestic abuse. Rihanna and he were supposed to perform at the Grammy;s, but dropped out at the last minute. This sparked discussions that Rihanna was the girl involved in this domestic abuse case. Before I start, I just want to say that we should all wait for the details of this incident. This is a very complicated situation and I am sure more light will shine on what happened between the two of them. Keeping that in mind, I find myself very disappointed in Chris Brown. He had a promising career and the chance to be a good role model to many of the young African-American children that may be inspired by all of things he has accomplished at such a young age. Unfortunately, I am not sure he can rebound from this scandal. I have been staying updated on this situation and discovered that his father was abusive at home. He has even admonished the actions of his father and the pain it caused his mother. For him to turn around and do the same thing to this “unidentified woman” is terrible. This incident continues to remind me how domestic violence is an issue and needs to be resolved or the cycle of violence will only continue. I do have some advice to Chris Brown. First, start apologizing. It won’t fix the situation, but it is certainly a start. Second, take some anger management classes. This is a problem and it has to be resolved. Third, contemplate your role in this world. You have an important role in the lives of many young people. Use this incident as a platform in making sure this does not happen again. But all and all, I feel sorry for Chris Brown. He had such a promising career and he has now squandered it.


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