I had the opportunity to go to Naples this past weekend. It was amazing first of all. For many of you that don’t know, Naples is on the southwestern coast of Italy. In the area, there is also the great Mt. Vesuvius and the city of Pompeii, which was destroyed during the eruption of the volcano. Well anyway, thanks to the very generous donations of the Bings, we were able to stay at an amazing hotel that overlooks the coast of Naples. We also attended a ballet called Giselle at Teatro di San Carlo. The theater was pretty spectacular if I had to say so myself. The performances were also very good. I don’t know a lot about dance, but I can tell that the dancers clearly were very talented. Anyway, I of course had amazing pizza. On the last day, I went to this island called Ischia, which is this island in the Bay of Naples. The island is massive and also has its’ own volcano. I walked around quite a bit, took some pictures, and hopped on the ferry back to Naples. Fortunately, there was no rain, so I had a good weekend. 0228091159a


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